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Welcome to my studio!
Take a relaxing stroll through my gallery.

I hope you find the painting that touches you as I have been touched during the creative process. I believe that painting is the mirror to our deepest feelings, the window to our souls, and the opportunity to create beauty out of nothing.

Art soothes and comforts us and opens our eyes and hearts to the beauties, wonders, and passions of life. It is a privilege for me to sit in the comfort of my studio, listening to joyful music I love, and just paint. As the creative process begins I often have no idea where to start or what direction and journey the colors will take me. I just start painting, feel it, as the colors fall about and onto my pallet.

This process is a place for my personal growth. When the painting momentarily looses its innate joy or I find myself becoming too attached or controlling I step back, allow the project its space and natural flow and evolution. This is a metaphor I use in my life, remembering to quiet the noise, relinquish the need to control, and trust the ebb and flow of life as I trust the ebb and flow of the evolving painting.

Most of the time, I have no idea where to start, which direction the color will take me or where the journey will lead me. I just start painting, feel it and let it evolve!

During your stroll through my gallery you will find art of varying themes, colors from vivid and bold to soft and muted, and textures appealing to our tactile senses.

Painting is the gift I allow myself, it is my way to touch and connect with the people and world around me. I hope that my art inspires you to feel the joy, love, and beauty and I hope that during your tour of my gallery your journey and the art you find bring to you as much joy and it has brought to me.