To place an order for original artwork or prints, please fill out the form below.
If you have any questions, please call Debbie at 941-350-8839.


PRINTS  –  Choose your image, size, finish and framing option. (Sizes listed are without frame. Other sizes are available. An embellished giclee is a printed painted with oils or acrylic by the artist to add texture, enhance a color and/or to give the true look of an original for a fraction of the cost.)

ORIGINAL ARTWORK  –  Choose your image and framing option. Some items have been pre-framed – pricing will reflect frame inclusion. (Painting title, original size and availability are listed with each portfolio image for your reference.)

STEP TWO: Place your order with a  minimum deposit of $100 for print, $150 for embellished print and $200 for original artwork.

STEP THREE: Debbie will call you to confirm and provide you with an estimate based on your criteria. At that time you may discuss size alterations, framing options and turnaround time.

•  FREE delivery of large pieces is available in the Sarasota area.
•  Price breaks may be available for multiple items. Call for details.
•  Although some originals may have sold, they may be available as prints.

Original or Prints Available

Only Prints Available